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  • Aamir Manuel (Thursday, May 29 14 04:02 pm EDT)

    Currently, over 51,000 convicted men and women throughout Pennsylvania are languishing under illegally enhanced sentences. Many of these sentences have been imposed without an official written
    'Judgment of Sentence' order ever being signed by the sentencing judge and entered on the record of the Courts! Many other convicted offenders who do have a written 'Judgment of Sentence' order
    entered on the record don't have a statute specified on the 'Judgment of Sentence' to authorize their sentence! In case you don't understand the importance of what I'm saying, a 'Judgment of
    Sentence' is the written order/decree which is entered upon the record and signed by the judge who imposes the sentence. In regards to sentencing, it doesn't matter what the judge verbally states in
    the courtroom, or what he may write in any subsequent Opinion to a legal filing. The only thing that matters is the information stated in the written 'Judgment of Sentence' order. As a result every
    convicted offender who is sentenced to serve a state sentence in Pennsylvania must have a written 'Judgment of Sentence' order entered upon the record to validate his or her conviction, for it alone
    is the binding documentation that authorizes the incarceration of a Pennsylvania state prisoner. To be incarcerated in Pennsylvania without a written 'Judgment of Sentence' order is a crime.

  • Brian Bonekemper (Friday, March 28 14 07:27 am EDT)

    Who are the real criminals in Pennsylvania? Politicians rob the public of millions and face no consequences. They continue to profit from mass incarceration. Crime is the only viable industry left in
    PA and they know it.

  • Joseph Alton (Thursday, October 31 13 08:20 pm EDT)

    Hello Your "To Become a Member & Contact Us pages are not working. Thanks

  • Steve (Thursday, August 08 13 12:18 pm EDT)

    Does anyone have a sample Sentencing Order that includes Bond?